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Six years ago, today, I gazed into the eyes of this beautiful being for the very first time….
And I’m trying really hard not to be cheesy but how else can I express the love I have for this little man!?


Happy birthday Elliott! I love you more than you know!


What beginning?

day by day

I could take you back to the “beginning” but then I’d really just be taking you back. So lets begin now, because that’s what really matters. NOW.

Today was our first day off of the mountain since the hospital. Our, as in Rupi and I.  She will be 2 weeks tomorrow and I am on the mend.  We ran a few errands with the rest of our tribe and though we stayed within the walls of our car, it was just enough to cure my cabin fever.  NOW, I am exhausted and not in any position to help decorate the house for Elliott’s 6th birthday tomorrow.  Thank god for my better half, who some how manages to pick up my slack on top of everything else he has to do.

And NOW, I seem to have hit a road block. In other words, I’m ready for bed.