Happy Trails!

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Today’s snack time…


Apple, clementine, kiwi, sun dried blueberries, micro greens.


Between babies, business and everything else piling up on my to do list, I’m BEAT!

Let’s recap:

Elliott turns six and all of a sudden has two loose teeth! I clearly remember loosing my first tooth and can’t believe we’re already here with him!


Amelie is taking things very seriously with her new baby sister. So seriously in fact that she took it upon herself to pick her up and bring her to Daddy and I. We were surprised, to say the least and well, grateful that she decided to pick her up within a few feet of us.


Malakai has turned two and is adjusting to his new position as big brother. He still refuses to use his words, and so would I if I had two older sibling to do my talking for me, but he has graciously blurted a few upon request.  


While still on the mend with about 30% to go, and to avoid “over doing it”, I am doing my very best to ignore the dust bunny infestation and focus on the trillion other things I have to do that don’t involve manual labor.  We’ve never enforced a strict schedule on our family and now that we’re four kids deep, homemaking, homeschooling and running our business, now seems like a good time to implement one.

Life is good.

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